Our Mission

The mission of White Horse Addiction Center Inc. is to educate, transform, and regenerate men and women moving them from a life of addiction, pain, and separation to a life of freedom, love, and reconciliation with God, themselves, their families, loved ones and with the community.

I am truly Blessed to have found this place! The life lessons learned from Rick and Dan have had a huge impact on the way I live and look at life. If you’re struggling, this is the place to be…Your life does not have to be defined by your past when your future can be so bright. Give them a call!

Patti S.

Truly blessed to have got by to visit with you wonderful Warriors of Recovery doing God’s work at White Horse!!! To Rick , Dan , Frank , Eric and the rest of your team thank you for welcoming my wife Nancy and I with open arms . Certain God will continue to bring us back your way again soon!

Craig B.